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What is Quiz Rocket all about? It's about taking fun tests, having fun, testing your knowledge with trivia, and learning more about your personality. Do you ever wonder:

Quiz Rocket has all the answers! With tons of online personality quizzes and fun tests, these funny (and fun) personality quizzes will make you laugh and help you find your true personality. You can also test your intelligence or trivia I.Q. with one of our fun trivia quizzes.

The best part about Quiz Rocket is that when you get your results, you can share them with you friends on your MySpace profile, Facebook, blog or wherever you like.

We have everything from the Who Is You Crush Quiz to the Stupid Test and more. Quiz Rocket offers just about any fun quiz topic you could wish for and helps you truly know your inner self. After all, who would be complete without knowing What Britney Spears you are?

Do your friends really know you? Well, you can send them your results and challenge them to take the same one and see how theirs compare. Are they dumb? How sexy are they? What celebrity are they? Take the quizzes and see! Take fun quizzes with Quiz Rocket!