Drunk Test: Am I Drunk?

Are you a drunk? Are you drunk right now? When you get drunk, do you fall all over yourself, do you shout nonsense words, or get all kinds of crazy? What kind of a drunk are you? Take the hilariously funny Drunk Test to find out what kind of a drunk you are!

  1. You and your friends are getting ready to go out together. What are you doing?

  2. When you are drunk and a little out of control you are most likely to hear your friends tell you to...

  3. You're at the bar, but the bartender doesn't notice you, what do you do to get his attention?

  4. Which of these sounds most like your drink order?

  5. Do you have your drunk beer goggles on? When you're drunk does the opposite sex start to look better and better?

  6. You really need to pee, but there is someone in the bathroom. What do you do?

  7. You are most likely to drunk dial which of these people?