Dumb Test 2: "The Dumb Quiz" - Now More Dumber!

The Dumb Test is even more dumb-er! How dumb is that? Test your dumbness with our newest dumb quiz and find out once and for all, how dumb you really are!

  1. If I have 10 pens, and you take away four, what do you have?

  2. A truck driver goes down a one-way street the wrong way past several police officers. How does he avoid getting caught?

  3. You are participating in a race. You've just passed the second person. What position are you now in?

  4. The decimal equivalent of 3/4 of an inch is .......

  5. True or False?: Dumb guys like dumb girls.

  6. Adam has 3 younger sisters, April, June, and July. Which sibling is the oldest?

  7. You're sick and your doctor tells you that you have to take 5 pills a day, but you need to take one every half hour. How many hours does it take you to take all of your pills?