The Impossible Quiz

Welcome to the impossible quiz. Warning: The impossible quiz may cause frustration, anxiety, panic, and nausea. You think you can beat this quiz? You think, "anything's possible if you put your mind to it"? Well, putting your mind to this quiz won't help much...and you might get hair gel on your monitor.

  1. How can you throw an egg as hard as you can and have it come straight back to you without breaking first?

  2. Rock group Smash Mouth had a hit song "Walking on the Sun". However, it is impossible to walk on the surface of sun because:

  3. What is the last letter in the alphabet?

  4. Attending your own funeral is

  5. Because men and women may provide different answers, it's impossible to score your quiz unless your gender is taken into consideration. You are...

  6. If you were in an airplane with a maximum speed of 600 miles per hour, and you were traveling in the direction opposite the earth's rotation, could you travel fast enough to never see the sun set?

  7. This quiz is