Lesbian Quiz

When the Vagina Monologues are in town, are you first in line for tickets? Do you get sick of frat boys hooting whenever you make out with a girl? Have you ever walked into a salon and said, "Give me the k.d. lang cut"? Have you ever wondered, "Am I a Lesbian?" Take the Lesbian quiz and see if there's something more to that Scarlett Johansson poster you have tacked up in your office.

  1. The maitre d' at a restaurant tells you your table is ready and calls you "sir," you say:

  2. How would you describe your hair?

  3. Do you smoke?

  4. Did you experiment with girls in college?

  5. Which sex ARE you (not which sex do you want to be)?

  6. The grand canyon is...

  7. Who do you know that drives a pick up truck?