Mixed Drink Quiz: What Kind of Mixed Drink are You?

Feeling mixed-up about your mixed drink choice? Taking this quiz because you're wondering what mixed drink is best suited to your personality? Try the MIXED DRINK QUIZ, and find out what kind of mixed drink you are. Are you a fruity cocktail, or a simple, classic mixed drink? Are you a sophisticated mixed drink, or something new and wild? Take the WHAT MIXED DRINK ARE YOU QUIZ to find out: What kind of mixed drink are you?

  1. After a long night with your favorite mixed drink, where do you wake up the next day?

  2. You are at home, bored, and taking a "What Mixed Drink Are You" Quiz, what night of the week is it?

  3. What color is most appealing for a mixed drink?

  4. What is your ringtone?

  5. Usually, men and women have different mixed drink preferences. What is your mixed drink choice saying about your gender?