New Moon Trivia Quiz - How Well do you Know New Moon?

How well do you know New Moon? Take this fun New Moon Trivia quiz and see how much you know about New Moon. If you are a true fan of New Moon you'll take this fun quiz!

  1. True or False: When Bella hears Edward's voice, he is actually talking to her and telling her to be safe.

  2. The Cullens told everyone that they were moving to which U.S. city?

  3. Which of these things is NOT something Bella did in order to hear Edward's voice?

  4. What does the cover of New Moon represent, according to author Stephanie Meyer?

  5. When a female vampire, like Victoria in New Moon, loses her mate, she will seek revenge. Is this also true of male vampires?

  6. True or False: Jacob tells Bella he is a werewolf before she figures it out on her own.

  7. The gene Jacob possesses, that is capable of turning him into a werewolf, is only triggered when which of these things happen?