Athlete Quiz: What Athlete Are You?

Are you a sports fan, who likes taking sports quizzes? If you like sports, you probably know a lot about professional athletes. But what athlete do you want to be? Do you really want to "be like Mike", or your other favorite athlete? Take the What Athlete Are You Quiz, and find out which athlete you're most like.

  1. What does an important professional athlete like you eat before the big game?

  2. Pro athletes make a ton of money. Where do you spend yours?

  3. You have to wear something under the uniform. What kind of underwear for gametime?

  4. Becoming a professional athlete doesn't happen overnight. What were you doing before you made it big time?

  5. Most sports are gender-segregated, so to find the right athlete for you, we need to know, are you a male athlete or a female athlete?