Beer Quiz: What Kind of Beer are You?

Each variety of beer has its own personality. That's because beer is kind of like people...but people are also kind of like Beer. In this quiz, we ask, "What kind of beer are YOU?" Try the BEER QUIZ, and find out what kind of beer you are. Are you a bold Beer, or a light watery beer, a popular beer or an expensive micro-brewed Beer? Take the WHAT BEER ARE YOU QUIZ to find out: What kind of beer are you?

  1. What is your favorite Super Bowl commericial?

  2. What is your favorite thing about beer?

  3. When is your favorite time to drink beer?

  4. You need something for your beer to wash down, what snack do you reach for?

  5. Both men and women enjoy beer, but do they prefer different kinds of beer? What does your beer choice reveal about your gender?