Wine Quiz: What Kind of Wine are You?

Ever hear people talk about wine like it has a personality? That's because wine is like people...but people are also like wine. In this quiz, we ask, "What kind of wine are you?" Try the Wine Quiz, and find out what kind of wine you are. Are you a bold wine, or a light fruity wine, a popular wine or an exclusive, fine wine? Take the What Wine Are You Quiz to find out: What kind of Wine are you?

  1. If you got a $1000 check what would you spend it on?

  2. What do you drink your wine out of?

  3. What would you like for a present?

  4. What qualities do you look for in the friends whom you drink wine with?

  5. Both men and women enjoy wine, but do they prefer different kinds of wine? What does your wine choice reveal about your gender?